Term 3 2022 Blog Post

Blog Post Term 3 2022 

Once again we are part way through another Term and we know many families are having a super busy Winter, with a range of school activities, sports and activities as well as avoiding the Winter bugs which seem to be hitting extra hard this year. Please enjoy our Term 3 blog post below.

Missed Lessons

Our tutors all appreciate you letting them know when your child is unwell and won’t be attending school and/or tutoring sessions. The more notice you give your child’s tutor the easier it is to reschedule, or switch to a Zoom session instead. A reminder that our LS policy states that all offered tutoring sessions are paid for but that tutors will offer one make-up session per term for missed sessions. If the tutor is unwell then you receive a refund or a credit for missed sessions. 

“Reading Mileage” 

We’ve had a number of parents ask about the term ‘reading mileage’ after receiving their child’s school report or attending a parent interview. This ‘term’ is used to encourage students to read daily. The more mileage/practice students get, the easier decoding and comprehension of texts is.  Tapping into students' interests is key and remember there are so many different ways to encourage ‘reading’, whether it is reading labels at the supermarket, reading advertisement fliers from the letter box, library books, school readers, newspapers or magazines. Here are some suggestions we have as well!

Read Theory is a FREE website that provides short passages with accompanying comprehension questions. Students complete a pre-assessment and the website then gives them appropriate leveled texts depending on their pre-test. Please note that these texts are not decodable. 

The Upstart magazine is full of interesting content and has LOADS of competitions for readers to enter. It can either be delivered in your letterbox or received online!

The National Geographic Kids Magazine can also be delivered for the animal loving students! With lots of facts and interesting information to read about animals from all over the world. 

NZRugby World has an awesome kids magazine for the rugby mad students we have. We have a discount for you to use if you are looking at buying a subscription: Use the code 5OFF to get $5 off!

Professor James Chapman: The past and future of literacy education in New Zealand: What's gone wrong and how we can do better. 

An interesting watch in regard to literacy in NZ, how it has been and what we could do differently in the future to support our tamariki’s growing literacy skills. 


Apps we’re LOVING! -  Math Edition

We wanted to share some apps that we enjoy using with our LS students. 

Squeebles Number Bonds: Bonds to 10, 20 and 100 are vital for our students to master. This fun app is a great way to practice these skills though game based activities. 

10 minutes a day Times Tables: FREE! A simple game based way to practice times tables. Gives students multi-choice answers to choose from which is good for students who need a bit of extra support. 

Interactive Telling Time App FREE (but can upgrade to have more features) A fun simple way to support students with learning to tell the time.


We hope the rest of the Term goes well for you and your family. We thank you once again for your continued support and collaboration with your child’s learning. 


The Learning Support Team x


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