TERM 1 2021

A HUGE welcome to 2021 from all of us here at Learning Support! We trust that you were all able to have some much needed downtime over the Summer period and enjoyed good weather and time with friends and family. We are all back on deck feeling relaxed and revitalised after some special time with our families and friends. We know that all of our wonderful tutors are really enjoying working with their amazing students again this year and have been impressed by how hard everyone is working.


A Gentle Start to 2021

A recent article posted on the Radio New Zealand website has reminded us of the huge year that 2020 was. We all lived through an unprecedented time where changes to our normal life were huge and unexpected. This article highlights the possible impact for students going back to school in 2021 and gives us all some things to think about as our kids all settle back into school life over the coming weeks.


Many of our tutors start tutoring around the middle of February to give your kids time to settle into their new learning environments and get to know their new teachers and classmates. We see this as an important time for settling in prior to getting back on board with tutoring.


Health and Safety Procedures

As we are all aware, New Zealand is a great place to live at present due to our COVID numbers, yet unfortunately it is still prevalent in many countries around the world. We are still needing to be careful with procedures to ensure we all stay safe. The same goes for our tutors who will continue to sanitise their hands and work surfaces and communicate with parents if they are unwell. Please also ensure that you are following Ministry of Education guidelines around health and safety in regard to COVID.


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